An Unkindness of Ravens

5 Feb

After leaving my all day seminar yesterday at CSUMB [click!], I heard the sound of a lot of Ravens. I located them in some trees a distance away. I grabbed my binocs and took a look. There were tons of Ravens in some trees. I started counting and had gotten to 100 when something (I think it was a buzzard flying overhead) startled them. They flew off the trees. After they left, another group lifted off the ground on the other side of the trees — about the same amount. So, I’m thinking there’s at least 200 Ravens over there. I hopped in my car and drove around to see if I could get closer. I ended up winding around some parking lots and buildings and getting quite close to them. I counted at least 200 again but hadn’t finished when something flushed them and I lost count. I estimate there were 300-400 of them but only counted 200.

And, I didn’t have my camera. Still, an amazing memory.

———-Follow Up—————–
Common Ravens are rare in Northern Monterey County. They are rarely seen and then only in groups of two at the most. So, what I saw is even more astounding. I’ve already gotten two (very polite to be sure) emails from the MBB [click!] asking me if I’m sure about what I saw — thinking that perhaps I’d seen American Crows instead. They are common and known to flock in huge numbers. Now I REALLY wish I had my camera with me because I am sure but I have no proof. Damn.


One Response to “An Unkindness of Ravens”

  1. Jo 5 February, 2006 at 5:43 pm #

    That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. Aren’t you lucky?

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