I and the Bird

27 Apr

I and the Bird [click] is a regularly gathering of great blogs on birds. It is hosted by various bloggers in the birding/blogging world and is really fun. This time it’s at Home Bird Notes click. There are some really enjoyable articles there. Fun morning read.

I have been thoroughly enjoying my new spring birds. Yesterday, I saw two GORGEOUS hummers at my feeders. At the front feeder was a most aggressive and beautiful male Anna’s Hummer [click]. At the backfeeder I saw an adorable Allen’s Hummer [click]. Tiny and beautifully colored. I wish I could solve the squirrel problems at my house and put out more seed. But, I can leave out thistle seed all the time — the squirrel’s ignore that. So, I have had some lovely Lesser Goldfinches [click] out there which is fun. And, I have one pair of sweet little Dark Eyed Juncos [click] that have decided to stay and nest here. So cute! I miss the whole flock of them (I counted 20 at the height of winter) but seeing this pair everyday is very fun! Oh, and the sweet singing of a California Towhee [click]. What a surprise that was.

At work, it’s all about the Ravens [click]. My goodness. I counted 8 pairs yesterday out on the sports fields. They are quite glad the rains have stopped and the kids are eating outside now as they can be our campus cleanup crew. Spoiled things. Don’t feel like we have it too easy though — they are just as likely to get stuff out of the trash and spread it around campus too — although usually the racoons do the same. We had a wildlife rescue at school yesterday. The groundskeeper rescued a very large gopher snake [click] from our drain system. He took him to the edge of campus and found him a home in a nice gopher hole. What a beautiful creature.


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