The Princess

4 May

Well, The Princess has been suffering from heartburn for ages. Poor thing. We have gone through so many stages on this. Disbelief. Ignore it, it’ll go away. Drink water. Finally, we called the doctor. And, then we started logging her diet to look for allergies. Can’t find anything. So, we cut out all dairy for 2 weeks. Nothing. So, we take her back and this time see our regular family doctor. She advises we stop calling it heartburn and have The Princess keep a log whenever she feels it REALLY bad. Well, all that does is stop her from talking about it. We think it’s better but she has a big blow up scene and tells us that she hurts all the time and just doesn’t tell us about it. So, back we go. Now we’re trying Pepcid AC and Tums (chocolate flavor). She gets 10 mg of Pepcid AC once a day and as many Tums as she wants (ideally 3-4 times a day). She seems better with the Pepcid in her system.

That might sound like good news but I’m not sure it really is. We’re logging her pain/mood/diet right now on a chart I made up. It uses the pain system for kids with happy/sad/etc faces. I added in mood faces too (happy, sad, worried, mad). She tells me that I need to add in “serious” too for when she feels serious. 🙂

Sigh. It’s all a worry to me.

In better news, the kids start soccer tomorrow. They are beyond thrilled. We got tools (every new hobby needs good tools) — cleats, shin guards, soccer socks, shorts. They’ll get shirts there. They are sooooo excited! Anyway, that’s a new thing for our family.

The Princess also had Chess Club today. She told me before it started that she didn’t want to go. She said she gets “bored.” So, I talked to Chess Master Keith. He said that he gave out books two weeks ago (ahhhh, when she was sick). They have an advancement process — she’s starting out with Egg. There are activities and the like she can do. Hopefully that will help motivate her. He also promised to check in on her too. MrW picked her up today and said she was happy. Fingers crossed!


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