Mother’s Day

15 May

What a mixed day. To be honest, it started out awful. I am totally congested – nasally speaking – due to a lack of Claritin-D in my life. It’s hard to come by these days since meth makers figured out they could make their nasty drug out of nasal decongestent. So, I’ve been out of my necessary meds for a week. So, this translates into some serious snoring going on. Not good. So, I got up and slept in the living room Saturday night. Not fun. Oh, and then I’m out of coffee and had to have decaf. Blech — what’s the point. Sure it tastes fine but sheesh I need the boost!

But, that aside, the kids got up and I got lots of loving. Greg was in a strange mood, I think. But, things were good. We went out to breakfast at the Club house [click]. It’s like ALMOST a good restaurant. But, breakfast . . . we had a nice time. They had roses that they gave the kids to give to me. That was sweet. Then we took a walk as a family — saw some birds and had a nice time.

Then we came home and I opened my presents. Totally cool. Gage did the traditional BCE kindergarten gifts (they call the “hmmm-hmmm”s so they don’t say them by mistake and ruin the surprise! :). Their amazing teacher asks them what a favorite food that their mother cooks is and they tell her the food and HOW TO COOK it. Hilarious. We particularly enjoyed the multitude of recipes that called for cooking the food at 9 degrees for an hour. 🙂 Gage did “Breakfast for Dinner” and did a great job at it. One other memorable meal was for steak and called for 100 lbs of steak! 🙂 The teacher binds them all up in a book and it’s both a gift and a memory. Very cute. Ruth’s is somewhere! Ruthie did handmade quilted pot holders with her handprint on them. They are so cute! Our primary art teacher took them home (she’s a quilter) and quilted around the kids’ handprints. They are lovely. She also gave me coupons for a home pedicure (!), a day of feeding the pets, and a home-cooked meal! 🙂 The last gift was the one I bought myself — a really nice bundt cake pan [click].

After this, things fell apart. Gage went to play at Nate’s house. Greg started on some project he wanted to do. Ruthie “cleaned” her room and then played toontown. I found myself with nothing to do or nothing I could do except clean the messy house. So, I started doing that. I ended up doing a bunch of cleaning in Ruthie’s room because she did such a lousy job and Greg was ignoring it. Suffice it to say that I just ended up feeling totally sorry for myself (ignored really) and melted down. Great.

Eventually, we left to go to Ros and Jerryne’s. We stopped at Camp Joy on the way for their annual Plant Sale [click]. That was great and I got some lovely plants to put in the gardens. I got a lovely little hidcote lavander, a columbine, a six pack of morning glories, and a six pack of Creamsicle Nasturtiums. Really nice. Can’t wait to get them in the ground. I’ve got some seeds that need planting too.

From there we went to Ros and Jerryne’s and things were better. Mom and Igor were there — opps, I’d forgotten to tell Ros and Jerryne to expect them. Doi! We were doing a hostage exchange/visit. I’m dogsitting for them while they take a cruise to Alaska. Totally cool. We hung out and talked while everyone else took all the kids to the pool. Very fun. Then they headed off and I had a little bit of quiet time (5 min! :). Then food and margaritas and talking all became the order of the day. It was a good afternoon. Ridiculously hot but fun nonetheless. Great dinner. Jerryne loved her gifts. We did Ros’ birthday too and he loved the shirt we all picked out. It has a pocket — key feature for him! 🙂 We had a good time and got home in time to get the kids in bed by around 8:30 or so. Hot night though. I got some of the fans set up but not enough of them, for sure!

So that was the good, the bad, and the ugly of Mother’s Day 2006.


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