18 May

I haven’t written about birds lately. Things have really changed with the advent of Spring and Summer here (the seasons can’t make up their minds — we had a very short spring and not it’s full on summer with hot hot days and everything). The birds just plain don’t need me anymore and a rotten little gang of juvenile delinquent squirrels are simply making my birding life miserable. They not only eat all the bird seed but knock down and destroy the feeders. So, I haven’t been feeding anything but the hummers lately. My kitchen window is abuzz with hummer activity though. Tons of gorgeous Anna’s Hummingbirds visiting (or the same very hungry male and then female over and over again! :). My front feeder keeps being attacked by ants and I’m going to have to abandon it (damn it!). I’ll get a hanging one and hang it from the eaves outside my bedroom window as the ants can’t seem to find that one. I do love the hummers.

At school, we still have our wonderful Ravens including the one with the broken wing that I’ve GOT to get a pic of — I call him Gimpy. He’s amazing. I first noticed him last October and he survived Winter and all with a broken wing — he can’t fly and holds the wing funny. Luckily, he’s (or she’s) a big enough bird that he’s save from the local cats and there aren’t any other predators around in town. He lives at the Elementary school so there’s always food for him. He gets around really well on foot. Very cool bird. The sad thing is that I don’t see him in a pair (for obvious reasons I’m sure) but I wonder what life is like for a bird that mates for life when you can’t have a mate.

We also have the swallows back. Now, I get why the swallows are not looked on with love at the school — they are messy, messy birds. But, wow are they beautiful. My only complaint is that we should have more of them because the mosquitos are out in force right now and frankly this town needs a LOT more swallows and bats. Especially at my house. I’d like a nice big colony of both.

So, no pictures but some birdy news from my little part of the world!


2 Responses to “Birds”

  1. Jane 18 May, 2006 at 4:46 pm #

    When I get home I will have to post picutres of what I did to keep the squirrels from eating me out of house and home. I put up a feeder just for them and then I put double walled stove pipe on the poles of the other feeders.
    It’s too large for them to climb, they can climb the pole inside up to the top but I have it capped off so they can’t get to the seed. It’s working great. Thanks for the info on the bird. Yes, it did have an orangy bottom. I am having a great time here in sunny California!

  2. Liza Lee Miller 18 May, 2006 at 8:59 pm #

    Cool. Thanks, Jane. I’ll look forward to the pics on your blog! Glad you’re having fun in CA! It’s supposed to rain tomorrow! 🙂

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