I’m NOT a Labrador

23 May

I’m NOT a Labrador
Originally uploaded by lizalee.

My parents’ dog, Ushki, is staying with us right now. What a delight. He has two big flaws . . . he barks at everything and he doesn’t get along with the above mentioned Labradors.

He is a very well-behaved and quiet dog most of the time but let someone knock on a door (or anything) or say “Hello?” in a loud voice (like one might to a child who is pretending ignorance of what you are talking about) and he turns into a mighty protector who must bark wildly at the door. And, heaven forbid, a doorbell should ring on TV.

But, my favorite thing is how much he enjoys getting the kids up. Corgis are working jobs and when he’s here, he feels it is utterly essential to help me get the kids up. We walk down the hallway and go into each child’s room and he helps me get them up and moving and then when the house is full of bustle, you can see him relax.

When Gage was little, Ushki would herd me down the hallway when he cried. You could see — by the look on his face — that he thought I wasn’t moving fast enough to take care of the crying baby. His look always said to me, “Get a move on, Woman! This child is CRYING!”

At home with his parents, he sleeps with them in their bed or in his bed in their room. At our house, he moves from room to room sleeping with all of us and then ending up in the hallway between the three bedrooms where he can probably keep us all safe.

What a dog.

Now, if only he’d stop going after my 14 year old Labrador who can’t really see or hear him. That would be nice.


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