26 May

So, the night before last I stayed up until 2am and I was about the crankiest teacher on the planet but what’s a girl to do when you have American Idol to watch *and* a two hour LOST finale and your husband is at band practice until 10pm???

Anyway, I was in bed by 10pm last night. At 11:35 (and I checked and triple-checked the clock about 47 times because it felt SO much later), I was awoken by my daughter telling me she didn’t feel good. She’s got this tummy thing so I got up and got her a Tums.

At 12:35, she’s sobbing in our room that she’d thrown up. And boy had she. Okay, so not the heartburn and Tums — not really cutting it, Mom. Sigh. So, Greg gets up and does all the comforting, nurturing while I attack the cleanup. Bed, toys, carpet, clothes. Oh boy. I get her sleeping bag out and get her bed set up but she’s not ready for bed yet.

Greg woke me up crawling into bed at 4:30 am. He had been up with her that entire time. Two more major bouts of vomiting. She finally was ready to sleep (although terrified she’d hurl in her sleep) with her arms around my big Revereware pot from the kitchen.

Here’s the deal though. She threw up massive quantities of chicken. Lots of it. To the best of MY knowledge, she hasn’t eaten chicken in days and the last time she did, it wasn’t in nugget form so she ate about one tiny, microscopic bite. Yesterday, she ate bagels and OJ for breakfast, pb&j for lunch, and bean burritos for dinner. No chicken. BUUUUUUUT, for lunch at school yesterday, they were selling Chicken Quesadillas. I think she dumped her packed lunch out and bought lunch and ate it.

So, now, I’m wondering is everyone who bought lunch yesterday going to be home sick today after throwing up all night or did she catch a stomach bug that has kept her home throwing up and this chicken is merely coincidental to all this. Interesting, huh? Oh, and she swears that she didn’t eat chicken yesterday. Damn it.


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