Another visit to CSUMB

3 Jun

Went for another all day seminar at CSUMB. Forgot to bring the camera again but then, I didn’t see anything spectacular this time.

Last time I was there, I saw a huge flock of Common Ravens but when I posted it onto the Monterey Bay Bird mailing list, no one believed what I had seen. Without pictures, I couldn’t prove anything. It was very frustrating because I work in close proximity to Ravens every day and I can tell the difference between them. It has been a thorn in my side — just bugging me ever so slightly — ever since. And, sometimes I’d think that maybe I was wrong but I got within 8 feet of about 10 of the Ravens and they were on the ground and I could adequately judge their size, see the size of their bills, and see the ruff around their necks.

Anyway, today, I was sitting outside Bldg 18 at CSUMB today at around 7:45am and 5 Crows were in the area. The closest was maybe 10 feet away and it was so clear to me that they are simply not what I saw last time. I still wish I’d had a camera with me then but I’m glad that I had my own sanity reaffirmed. 🙂 Always a good thing.

On the drive up, I saw two Great Egrets in Moss Landing and on the way home, I saw a family of Canada Geese swimming. Very cool. I promised Ruthie I’d take her out to Elkhorn Slough to do some bird watching since she missed her field trip. I NEED to do that!!!

The classes today were pretty good. PE and then Art. PE was okay — not my favorite thing and not immediately useful to me because I don’t teach PE. Art was awesome though. Tons of great projects that will be easily adapted to easy use right away! Totally fun! Got some good social time in with other students who are doing the same thing I am as well. That is always good.


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