Saturday Activities!

5 Jun

Paramount’s Great America | San Francisco’s Themed Amusement Park (Santa Clara)

Finally had our long promised trip to Great America yesterday. Wow! It was so much fun. Really had a blast. Almost nothing went wrong. Because we have season passes, we got to have VIP parking — awesome spot in the shade. We got there when the park opened. Everything was just sooooo much fun. The kids loved the rides they went on and even though Ruthie was tall enough, she opted out of some of the bigger rides like The Grizzly. 🙂 I’d saw the most of fun of the day, however, came at White Water Falls. This simple boat ride with a big splash at the end gave us some of the best family laughs we had the whole day. After we got off the ride — which we all enjoyed even though it was scarier than Gage thought it would be! 🙂 — we crossed the bridge over the ride. There is a SplashZone on the bridge. The kids wanted to get WET so they went onto the bridge as a boat went under and got splashed. Greg thought that looked like fun too so he did it too. I stood off to the side and back where I thought I’d get splashed a tiny bit. They all turned around after the boat went by to show me how little they’d gotten splashed and saw me standing there with my mouth open completely soaking wet. I was drenched. Hilarious! We had a blast!

Then in the evening, we took the kids to my inlaws and let them hang while we went to dinner and a movie — well, a movie anyway. I wasn’t hungry and hadn’t brought a change of clothes so we just got Greg half-a-burrito and then went to the movies. We saw The DaVinci Code. Loved it. I wish they hadn’t changed elements of the book but still, it was really good. I even yelped at one scary part! 🙂

Great day!


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