Ruthie’s Recital

29 Jun

Originally uploaded by lizalee.

I attended my first music recital as a proud parent tonight. Ruthie was utterly delightful and sang as beautifully as I could have hoped. (Hey, she’s nearly 8 and I’m her mother! I totally felt like the mother at the end of Music Man — “Play for me Tommy! Play!”)

The funny thing was that Ruthie was very self-conscious while performing. In the car, she was totally unaffected. It has never occurred to her that she might forget the words or the melody to her songs. She just gets up and sings. But, she does sing quietly in front of a crowd. As you can see, the first round of applause warmed her up nicely though.

Her first song was the very difficult “America the Beautiful.” She loves it and also chose it for the talent show at our school. She sang it very quietly tonight — a surprise for those of us who know and love her! 🙂 Then she sang Do Re Mi (from the Sound of Music). She did a more lively version of that too but you could tell she was very self-conscious. Not nervous. Not stage-fright or anything like that — just aware that the audience was there. Interesting, to say the least.

Greg got video on his cellphone of the entire Do Re Mi number. It’s just that he doesn’t know how to get it off his cell phone. So, if you see him, ask to see it. Otherwise . . . who knows!

For me, it was a fantastic moment. Gage sat on my lap and was intrigued by the guitar playing boy who sang along. Very cool. Maybe next year, I’ll be watching two kids play!!!


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