Halloween 2006

1 Nov

Halloween 2006
Originally uploaded by egret’s nest.

Here we are on our way to school.

Ruthie is a black cat with a fluffy tail and fluffy ears. Her costume was utterly adorable and she loved being a cat.
I am a pink construction worker — don’t ask me to do anything, it might mess up my manicure! Most of the teachers were construction workers — in honor of the new building and on-going construction at the school.
Gage is a Ninja! And, he loved it.

Crazy Day! The school does a school-wide parade in the morning. There are parties in classrooms throughout the day. Teachers dressed up. Parents all over the place. Sugar-hyped kids running rampant! Wheeeee!

Then at 5pm, we all descend on downtown and go Trick Or Treating with the merchants in town. Because we live in a hilly, windy-road, no street lights kind of area, it’s the only trick or treating some kids get to do. It’s totally fun. Everyone does the main street counter-clockwise. It’s a blast. We ordered a pizza when we got to town and then picked it up when we were done. We actually live in a neighborhood where kids can trick or treat and so we get some. Maybe 20 groups of kids tonight. It’s fairly low-key.

I’m a totally strict mom about the sugar. They get 3 pieces of candy after dinner and then one piece a day until they have forgotten about it which usually takes about two weeks. Then we toss what’s left! It works for us. They don’t feel deprived but they DO get to sleep and can enjoy the next day.

Ravens Flying High

During the parade at school, I looked up and saw around 16 ravens circling high overhead. I got this shot before being distracted by the chaos of the parade. They were so beautiful wheeling overhead and I felt sure I was the only person who noticed or appreciated them. Most people at the school think they are pests. I feel blessed by their closeness. They are noisy, big scavengers who retain an amazing dignity. I love them. We have a pair that has moved into our neighborhood and I’m THRILLED!

PS. Raptor Lovers (and you KNOW who you are) go check out this post from Jane (Expiration Dates). [click] She lives in Washinton state on a river in a house she built with her husband. And, they get to see things like that from their living room windows ALL THE TIME. Amazing!


3 Responses to “Halloween 2006”

  1. Jane 1 November, 2006 at 4:05 pm #

    Congratulations! Be sure your camera has an image stabilizing feature and a pretty good optical zoom. Digital zoom is good too but the first two will get you the bird pics you have been longing for! Can’t wait to see them.

  2. Susan Gets Native 2 November, 2006 at 4:49 am #

    Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Expiration Dates. Nice photos of the eagle there.

    Glad you got to watch ravens…if only everyone would just look up once in a while.

  3. -llm. 2 November, 2006 at 2:36 pm #

    Susan, Yea, looking up is a good thing! I love ravens! Funny that my favorite birds are all white (egrets) and all black (ravens). We have 8 ravens that live at our Elementary School — the number comes and goes as they raise their young but the stable population is 8. They are so magnificent. Of course, I have yet to get a decent picture of one (anything solid black is so hard to photograph well and I’m not that good! 🙂

    Jane, I’m getting the new Sony with the 12x and image stabalization — those two things were MUST HAVE items. I had planned on getting the Panasonic like you have but the screen on the Sony is HUGE — I’m enamoured of it. So easy to see what you are looking at! 🙂

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