2006 Christmas Tree

10 Dec

2006 Christmas Tree
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Our favorite place for Christmas Trees is Crest Ranch in Bonny Doon. We had such a great day there. The weather was misty-moisty and cold but we dressed right and had so much fun!

The whole gang

We got a BIG tree this year which works because we have 12 foot ceilings in the living room. I love these trees with the very horizontal branches and lots of open space for displaying ornaments. They tend to be what we get.

I saw lots of birds up there but the only pictures I got were of American Robins. There were a bunch there but they were very wary. So, the only pictures I got were fairly distant. But still.

Robins at Christmas Tree Farm

Playing with my camera was so much fun. The kids had a blast. So did Greg and I. We were up there with his family but we ended up heading off for our own space which was totally fine. We found our way under some glorious oaks and madrones. It was so beautiful in the misty fog and dripping trees. When the rest headed back, I came more slowly taking pictures. I still have a lot to learn about this camera. The biggest thing is that I have to remember to open the flash when I’m using the camera. My old camera is always ready for flash and doesn’t need to be told to do it. But, I think this camera is going to be so fabulous when I get used to it.

We came home and worked on the house. Before the holidays, we have to clean it stem to stern, get the carpets cleaned, and then decorate. We have a Christmas Eve Eve party and need to be ready! We got a LOT done. Phew!

Then off to my inlaws for their weekly dinner that they call Miller Mission. Totally fun! I had Greg drop me off at their pond so I could get duck pictures. I wasn’t there 2 minutes and it started POURING! No cover and I didn’t bring my umbrella. Oh well.

Cute Coot

My father-in-law makes glorious Manhattan’s. YUM! We had an amazing pot roast tonight. Melt-in-your mouth delicious! These totally warmed me up!


Then we had a rousing game of Canasta which — uncharacteristically — we won! Normally, Greg’s parents obliterate us at this game but not this time! It was NICE! We even played Crazy 8s with the kids before heading home. Wonderful day!


6 Responses to “2006 Christmas Tree”

  1. BEG 10 December, 2006 at 6:46 pm #

    Ooh, sounds like a fabulous day, especially the Manhattans. My grandmother’s favorite drink, I have a soft spot in my heart for those.

    About the flash, what I’ve been finding with pix taking and all, is usually no flash is better anyway. I’ve been learning how to work this thing just by taking as many pictures as possible and looking at what I get. I’m sure I’m reinventing the wheel in that others have learned/know these things, but for me it helps to just do it myself. And no flash is often a much nicer picture. It is harder inside with people moving around, though…

  2. LauraHinNJ 11 December, 2006 at 3:15 am #

    yea, I don’t much like using flash either.

    Sounds like a busy day and I love your tree! Have a hard time finding ones like that here – do you know what type it is?

  3. -llm. 11 December, 2006 at 5:57 am #

    I’m pretty sure that our tree is a Noble Fir. It’s what we get almost every year. I love the way I can LOAD it with ornaments way into the interior and you can really see your ornaments.

    As for the camera. Again, I have to get familiar with it. I don’t like to use flash unless I have to but I’m finding that I’m very used to the camera making that decision and flashing for me when it needs to. This one requires that you pop the flash up if you think you’ll use it. So, I have to get used to that. I’m taking too many blurry pictures! 🙂

  4. Susan Gets Native 11 December, 2006 at 6:22 am #

    “Bonny Doon”…sound so very Scottish.

    Pot roast, Manhattans…sounds wonderful.

    And I think that you will find that controlling the flash will allow you to get arty…mine is the same way. When the flash is down, it allows available light to fill the shot and a lot of the time, that’s all you need.
    Have fun playing with it!

  5. -llm. 12 December, 2006 at 8:47 am #

    Bonny Doon, Loch Lomond, Ben Lomond. Lots of Scottish immigrants here about 120 years ago! 🙂

    And, I’m all for arty but I gotta get the workings down first before I can get arty! 🙂


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