The winds of change are blowing through my kitchen!

8 Jan

Did you know that Greg and I are total do-it-yourself-ers? We are! We have remodeled our houses so many times, so many ways, from minor paint changes to major construction projects. It helps that Greg is an architect so he plans things out carefully and we’re sure they will look good when we’re done. It also helps that his parents were total do-it-yourself-ers as well and have always jumped right in to help us out with our major construction and minor remodels.

That said, my kitchen is UGLY. It’s the kind of ugly that you try to avoid looking at — I can go in, cook a meal, clean it up, and leave without REALLY seeing it. That’s not a good thing, really. Once you reach that fingers-in-your-ear-singing-la-la-la-loudly stage, you have a serious problem. We’ve lived with this ugly kitchen for way, way, way longer than we should have.

Part of it isn’t our fault. First of all, remodels are expensive. Second of all, we had some major financial damage to repair before we could think about something like a remodel of our kitchen. Also, we did some other major construction to the house like turning the carport into Greg’s office and little things like that. I know, excuses, excuses, excuses. Enough.

My name is Liza Miller and my kitchen is ugly.

Greg has been bugging me to get with the program — his program — so we can fix the ugliness. Well, that’s not been going well because I wanted all new cabinets and he wanted to refinish the existing cabinets. Log jam.

I caved. My kitchen is ugly and I want it changed. So, I caved. Even the cheapest IKEA kitchen cabinets would cost a butt-load of money and I’d rather spend that money on other things. So, I caved. Sigh. It’s going to be a butt-load of work but (ha!) we can do that.

Meanwhile, we’ve slowly been replacing the old, worn-out, nasty appliances with nice, new, stainless steel appliances. First the range — a gift from a friend who was remodeling her house. Then the dishwasher — the old one finally stopped working — I promise that I didn’t sabotage it! Most recently, the double oven was replaced with a gorgeous single oven. And, just two days ago, we ordered a microwave/range hood. Hip-hip-horray! Now I can wash dishes in style — my favorite feature? It has a delay wash setting so I can do the dishes but not have it run until the middle of the night. So nice! And, i can cook chicken and know how long it will take — the old one was iffy on that sort of thing. And, now I can turn on a light over my range with less three clicks of the button. Oh, life is good!

Oh, but the kitchen is still ugly. Nice appliances, I’ve found, in an ugly kitchen mean that the ugliness is more noticeable.

So, what are we going to do about it? Well, first off, we are going to dismantle the cabinets, sand and paint each part of them, put on new hinges and drawer hardware. We will then put on new hardware. Then we will put on new countertops — oh the discussions and conversations and planning over this one. Lastly, we’ll put in new floors. There will be other goodies along the way — one of the counters needs to be raised to the height of the rest and then we’ll be replacing the tile there with butcher block. Here is some eye candy of what we’re planning . . . the good news is that at the end of all this nasty work, we’ll have a gorgeous, gorgeous kitchen.

Kichen Planning Decisions we’ve already made

Paint color — green for the cabinets, pale yellow for the little bits of wall that show, laminate counter tops, and bamboo flooring.

Bamboo Flooring

We’re getting bamboo floors from Lumber Liquidators. Bamboo is very green. I had to laugh when the guy said that the one we wanted was “old growth” — in bamboo, that means it’s 4+ years old. Living in a redwood forest, old growth lumber being cut down sets my nerves a-jangling. But, I can handle using “old growth” bamboo!

New hardware for cabinets

You gotta love IKEA. This is what we’re using for our cabin

Glass Tile Mosaic Backsplash

I don’t know that this is the one we’ll use but it will be something like it. Isn’t that gorgeous? I’d love to see that behind my sink everyday. Lovely, luminous, glowing, yum!


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