Ruby Tuesday: The Camping Edition

22 May

An intent look

 Ruby seemed to enjoy her first camping trip although there was a pretty steep learning curve.  She isn’t entirely comfortable yet but she’s getting the hang of it.  We enjoyed having her with us though which wasn’t always true of the labs when we were camping.  They are big and noisy.  Ruby is small and generally quiet.

Ruby is so beautiful!

We hung out at camp most of this trip.  We met up with family from Southern California so most of this trip was hanging out, eating, and talking.  Ruby liked this part but she was often looking like this . . . on alert.

Evil Ground Squirrels

 This is the reason . . . evil ground squirrels abound at Big Sur.  These brazen creatures had little fear.  They’d come right into our campsite looking for food.  Ruby found them hugely offensive and did not relax much of the weekend.  We couldn’t let her chase them, of course so her frustration was deep.

Gage and Ruby in a quiet moment

 Still, she did manage some quiet moments of relaxation.  I love this picture of her and Gage.  When we first got her, we wondered if they would ever find their way together.  Obviously, they did.

Ruby in the motorhome

So, I wouldn’t say that Ruby is just yet sold on the whole camping thing.  There were times she really loved but she also found it unsettling.  She was particularly upset when Greg and the kids went to the beach and she and I stayed behind to take a nap and read and relax.  She spent most of that couple of hours pacing the motorhome and growling and barking under her breath at all passersby.  She liked sleeping at the foot of Ruthie’s bed in her crate.  She liked having us around all the time.  I think she’ll find her way and become a fantastic camping dog.  As long as the ground squirrels know their place!


5 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday: The Camping Edition”

  1. mon@rch 22 May, 2007 at 7:13 am #

    Love Ruby Tuesday!! and how great to have a camping version of Ruby Tuesday! Camping is so much fun and how wonderful you were able to get out! pets love camping just as much as us humans do!

  2. Mary 22 May, 2007 at 9:46 am #

    I guess for Ruby it was kind of like the BIG TEASE. Terriers just do not relax when they have a job to do.

    But I’m glad she was with you on your trip! She is a beautiful dog – that first photo took my breath away. Sweet thang.

  3. KGMom 22 May, 2007 at 10:16 am #

    Awww–Ruby looks like a real sweetie.
    And a real guard dog too–growling under her breath!

  4. Lynne from Hasty Brook 22 May, 2007 at 2:19 pm #

    Her fur looks so sleek in that first picture- I just want to run my hand down her back! How could she relax when there are squirrels to hate!! Our old dog Gidget loves to camp but has her issues too. She is very unsettled by campfires and wants to go in the camper to get away.

  5. Miz S 23 May, 2007 at 1:17 am #

    I want her!

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