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Wordless Wednesday

3 Jul

Great Century Rose

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Ruby Tuesday

3 Jul

I am determined not to let another Ruby Tuesday go by unnoticed. However, it is difficult. I basically took to my bed in a full-blown Victorian decline last night — probably something I ate which is always a lovely thought.

Anyway, I caught Ruby on the hunt the other day. She saw a foolish squirrel coming down the redwood tree nearest our house. She waited without moving for it to descend. Finally, she slowly and stealthily moved under the trampoline for cover. At this point, some squirrely instinct kicked in and the thing went back up the tree. She was so disappointed. When I came outside, she ran from tree to tree all over the yard barking up the tree at the now-long-gone squirrel. It was very interesting. She was utterly silent and still (except for trembling with excitement) while hunting it but afterwards had to burn that energy off.

The squirrels have been truly horrible lately. It’s the teenagers set loose by Mom and Dad and they are so destructive. Knocking down my feeders, breaking the place up, throwing loud parties late at night, driving their cars too fast up the road. Horrible little delinquents! 🙂

foolish prey

Treeing the squirrel

(the other photos are at Flickr — I’m late for work! bye!)