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Ruby . . . uh . . . Wednesday

18 Jul

(Well, I can’t be wordless when it’s about Ruby!)

Ruby's photoshoot

Ruby, come here and pose.  I want to show everyone your new collar!

I'd rather play with Squirrely

 No, Ruby, pose pretty.  They can’t even see your collar that way!

Is that good enough?

Fine, I’ll just take Squirrely and . . . there, not the best shot in the world but it’ll do.

Ruby’s old collar started to wear away her fur on her neck.  So, we took it off and only put it on her when we took her somewhere.  None of us liked this solution.  Ruby is a quick little dog and the idea of her tearing around with no tags on was not a good one.  I finally found the right kind of collar.  I remembered from my showing dog days that a high quality rolled leather collar will not damage the dogs fur.  There are a lot of “rolled” leather collars that have rough edges on them.  The pale pink collar I wanted was like that.  The best ones are made with bridle leather and are rolled and then have another piece of leather attached over the joint and it’s all joined together smoothly.  That’s what Ruby has.  Thankfully, fancy collars for small dogs hardly have to cost anything.  I must say though . . . there were some choices as the dog shop that were tempting.  There were a LOT of rhinestone studded collars that Ruby would have loved.  There was a lovely doggy t-shirt with a martini on it that said, “Make mine dirty!”  I thought that seemed appropriate.    The big winners, however, were the line of Harley Davidson dog collars and leashes.  They had all kinds of designs and then repeated the entire line in pale pink for the little woman.  Lovely.   I think Ruby’s simple rolled leather collar looks great!

My prize!

Here’s the book I won for winning the i and the bird‘s contest.  It’s really good.  Stephen Kress, the author, works with Project Puffin to restore the Atlantic Puffin to the Coast of Maine.  Check it out. What a worthy cause!   That postcard shows a real puffin checking out a puffin decoy — how cute is that?  I’ll be hosting i and the bird next week.  Hey it sounded like a good idea at the time!  Now, when I’m sick with a terrible head cold and finishing up my last week of summer school nothing sounds like a good idea but I’m sure it will all work out.  Send your best bird postings to lizaleemiller AT gmail DOT com.