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Can’t. Get. Close. Enough.

28 Jul

Driving home from my mother-in-law’s last night, I stopped at her pond to see if there was a Green Heron. There was. So, I pulled over and took a few pictures. It was nearly dark so it was hard to get a decent shot.

Just not close enough

The Green Heron was JUST too far away for a nice, clean shot.  I was also impeded by the fact that I didn’t want to get out of the car or even turn it off.  So, laziness played a factor!  🙂

Please take our picture . . . and then feed us!

I looked down and saw that there were birds there willing to pose for me.  This pond has a problem with ducks — there are often too many for the pond to support.  The residents feed the ducks — despite the fact that the pond is suffering from too much food sinking to the bottom.  Clearly, however, someone is ignoring the requests to not feed the ducks.  These guys were very happy to see my car pull up.  In fact, they called in reinforcements.


Did someone say food?

“Food?  Did someone say food?”

Yes, food.  Feed us now.

It was a big old Mallard party after that.  I looked these ducks over carefully looking for any that are manky.  I think these are, instead, just juveniles who are coming into their adult feathers.  Many of the ones with dark black mohawks showed green flashes in certain light.  Great, a gang of juvenile delinquent Mallards massing around my car.



Too far away

Meanwhile, the Green Heron did not deign to come closer.  He was not fooled into thinking that handouts were forthcoming.  Oh well, enjoy your peaceful evening there, Fella!