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Ruby Tuesday

31 Jul

Ruby killing her Sock Rabbit toyRuby had a big week. One evening, Greg and I were working on our computers late and I heard the faintest of conflicts in the backyard. Remembering that I hadn’t closed the back door, I ran to get Ruby. Too late. The dining room stank of skunk and Ruby was in the house. I threw her out back and then joined her. I had to know if she’d been skunked of if the skunk had missed her and just sprayed the yard. Bravely, I sniffed her and . . . nothing. Whew! The house, meanwhile, smelled horribly. It was bad enough that I wondered if the skunk had come in the house. We opened all the windows and ran the fans all night. It wasn’t bad in the morning.

I gave Ruby a bath — just on general principles. I was out of the ingredients for skunk de-stinker (oh, dopey me!) so I just used her regular tea tree oil shampoo. She smelled great! However, in the morning, it was clear that she only smelled great in comparison to the smell in the house. She was a little skunky right around her face. I suspect she stayed clear of the actual spraying but sniffed the area pretty well after and got some of the oil on her muzzle.

You cannot escape, oh you wascally wabbit!

You cannot escape, oh you wascally wabbit!

Two nights later, Ruby came and woke me up at around 11pm — begging to go outside. I checked the backyard, of course, and there was Pepe Le Pew under the bird feeder. Pepe doesn’t like light shined in his eyes so I tried that but he wasn’t too impressed. Ruby was “waiting” patiently but, since I was still half asleep, she got past me and bolted out after him. Eeeeek! The amazing thing was that the skunk ran — they usually don’t run from predators — and Ruby stopped when I called her off. I couldn’t believe it. She didn’t get sprayed!

Whatcha doin' Mom?
Whatcha doin’ Mom?

I have since bought the ingredients but haven’t yet bathed her. That’s probably on the docket for today. Poor doglet — she hates being bathed! But, true to form, she’s good about it!  So, that was Ruby’s exciting week with the skunks.  We’ll try for a little less excitement for the rest of the week!

Don't try to grab the rabbit.  It is mine.
Don’t try to grab the rabbit. It is mine.