Yard Art, cont’d.

19 Aug

So, we still needed that other pot. So, today, after Greg and I sensibly started off getting edger boards for the pathways and pvc pipe to run water out to my rose garden, we stopped and looked at the work ahead of us and said, “Heck, let’s drive another 2 hours one way to another pottery place and while we’re at it, let’s get the iron arch for the front of the rose garden! The kids will love it! ” (Our self-delusion knows no bounds!) So, we loaded our horrified children in the truck and headed off. Ruby was the only small creature in the vehicle who was pleased.

Our first stop was another import pottery place in Gilroy, California — Garlic Capitol of the World. The air is so pungent in Gilroy that it immediately makes me think of pesto and fettucine alfredo. Personally, I think I gain a few pounds just imagining eating all the good food with all the good garlic on it. Yum! But, anyway . . .

There were no pots that I liked at the place in Gilroy. But, we did find an absolutely beautiful arched trellis with a beautiful vine theme. And, I’d have been happy with it and brought it home and considered myself lucky. But, I had made the classic mistake of bringing my architect with me — it’s one I almost always make as I married my architect and thus tend to go places with him a lot. He noticed the matching gazebo. Oh. My. It was lovely. And, as it only cost about $1 billion more than the trellis, clearly, we had to have it. And, so, it will go OVER my rose garden. Suddenly, our garden design changed dramatically. I never would have done that without my architect along. We did beat the poor woman down on her price and got it for only 3/4 of a billion over the price of the trellis. But just look at it . . .

My new gazebo
Still in situ – imagine it in an actual yard with actual landscaping and roses and stuff!

There were lots of other entertaining things there. This was a favorite picture I took of Gage posing with a gargoyle. I joked after I took it — asking him which one was the gargoyle. He totally didn’t get it and said, “Mom, that one is the gargoyle!” I love that my kid wouldn’t consider that I’d tease him about being as ugly as a gargoyle but still, it was way funnier after he said it.

Which one is the gargoyle?

We stopped at one more place on the way home and we bought the last big pot for our yard. It’s beautiful but I forgot to take a picture of it and now it’s in my truck, upside down, with a blanket around it, and the parts to my iron gazebo all around. Not at its best, shall we say? The kids were so unbelievably grumpy on the drive home that I couldn’t believe it — well, yes I could. I do remember being 9 years old and stuck in a car for hours. All I can say is I wish my parents had gone to interesting places like pottery lots with all sorts of interesting things to look at. All I remember is being dragged to fabric stores and hardware stores on the weekend. Is there anything worse than watching your mother look at pattern books? I didn’t think so. My 9 year old daughter will tell you different, however! Just give her the chance!

Oh, if you stuck with me this far, you’ll be pleased to know that I saw my first Western Meadowlark in Gilroy at the pottery place. Yippee!

Last minute edit . . .

Here is a picture of the new pot and the new gazebo in place and well, some assorted silliness!

Both pots together

Gazebo in place

Gage trapped during gazebo assembly Ruth with new pot

leaf and vine design


6 Responses to “Yard Art, cont’d.”

  1. jayne 20 August, 2007 at 2:49 am #

    Oh, I love that gazebo Liza! I can see why you HAD to have it. The pots are beautiful too. Now I am seriously rethinking my own yard design….hmmmm.

  2. mon@rch 20 August, 2007 at 3:24 am #

    Very cool and your yard “art” always helps describe who you are! It isn’t easy picking the perfect art!

  3. Mary 20 August, 2007 at 5:52 am #

    For 3/4 billion dollars, it was worth every penny! You crack me up!

    It’s going to be so beautiful. I can imagine it.

    Your little quip with Gage made me giggle. Kids are so pure. But just wait, one day he’ll catch on with you!

  4. Mary 20 August, 2007 at 5:53 am #

    Oh, and we used to be carted around to hardware stores and the dump! Nothing as interesting as a pottery farm.

    My Dad felt sorry for us and bought us double-dip ice cream cones.

  5. Trixie 20 August, 2007 at 9:10 am #

    Some of my first memories are of being a wee one walking with my hands outstretched so that I could touch both sides of the fabric aisle at the same time. I didn’t think fabric stores all that bad.

    I look forward to seeing your gazebo all set up. Santa Cruz rocks for gardening. Do you have any Cecil Bruners? Fair Biancas?

  6. Susan Gets Native 21 August, 2007 at 10:23 am #

    Okay. That thing is worth 3/4 of a billion more than a trellis!
    You had to have it. I understand.

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