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Something there is that does love a wall

4 Nov

My wall

Something there is that doesn’t love a wall

One hates to argue with Robert Frost but I find that there is something in me that does love a wall. That loves it very much. We salvaged these stones from a job that Greg is doing in Palo Alto (tearing down two old ticky-tacky houses and building a monster lot-filler house but, thankfully, one with soul). Greg carted them into the backyard today and I placed them against our fence. They aren’t really a wall. They aren’t meant to keep us safe or keep our animals in or keep wild beasts out or do anything more than please the eye. That they do nicely. I like that they are mis-matched and odd combinations of rock. It looks haphazard which is how I looked while I was placing each one. “This one goes here and maybe this one should be here and oh look at this one how nice it will be here. ” A most haphazard inner monologue.