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Ruby Tuesday — Oh, the baleful looks

6 Nov

Ruby likes to watch the world go by

Sunday, we started out on a journey that led us farther afield than we intended. We started off just going to get dog food and batteries for the smoke detectors. But, then Ruthie got the mail and there was check for Greg so we figured we had to head off and get that into the bank and oh we really need socks for the kids as it takes forever for them to find socks in the morning and then on the way, we realized that we had told the kids that we’d see The Bee Movie. Only, oops, we had Ruby with us.

No worries, we’ll take her to my mother-in-law’s. She’ll be safe there even though my mother-in-law is out of town. No worries. So, we take her and drop her off. We barricade her in the little front entry way because the yard isn’t secure and Ruby will leave the yard when the opportunity arises. Thankfully she’s not a roamer — she doesn’t go farther than the carport and its a very quiet street — much better than leaving her in the car on an 80 degree day so, off we go to the movie.

(It was delightful, by the way, if a bit off on the science of pollination.)

And, then we returned to get Ruby. I wondered if she would still be in the yard waiting for us as she is a wily creature. Well, we rounded the corner and there she was, waiting in the carport. She saw our car and started running towards us. I stopped the car, Ruthie opened her door, and a frantic Ruby jumped in. She licked both kids and then jumped into Greg’s lap in the front (not something we normally allow). But, she was frantic. Worried and feeling much put upon by life. As we drove home, she recovered enough to start giving baleful looks. Not to the kids. Not to Greg. To me.

Ruby's doing great!

There are those who believe in psychic communication between dogs and people. I won’t say that I believe in it. I also won’t say that I disbelieve. I’ve had a few moments when I’d have clear communication from my pets. But none so clear as the communication I got from Ruby on that drive home. She was ticked and ticked at me. No doubt, it was my fault that she’d been left behind. I explained that she would have been miserable and much too hot in the car waiting for us but she wasn’t buying it. Greg didn’t help — he assured her that he wasn’t to blame — it was all my fault. She lapped it up and gave him delicate kisses on his cheek. Then returned to baleful looks at me.

Ruby, snuggled in

Never fear though. Ruby isn’t one of those sucky grudge holders — she forgave me and curled up and had a lovely nap with me later in the afternoon. She snuggled into my bed and let me rub her belly. She forgave me and clearly needed some quiet healing time with Mom. What an adventure she had.

An intent look

And, yes, I bribed her with a new toy when we got to the Feed Store. I’m not a complete fool. There was no arguing with her! I was wrong and I knew it. She has a new pink fluffy teddy bear to prove it. But, I’m forgiven and that’s all that matters on a Ruby Tuesday.