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Fall is my favorite season

8 Nov

Maple Leaf

And, what’s not to love.  Look at that color.  That light.  We have cool nights (down to 40 degrees) and hot days (up to 80 degrees).  It’s beautiful.   Our maple tree is beautiful no matter the weather but dressed for fall, she is truly lovely.

Maple Tree


Stupid Quiz, Stupid Teacher

8 Nov

You Don’t Know Your States

You got 4/10 correct.
So you really don’t know the way around the map of the US.

Let’s hope you’re not American… or if you are, that you’ve never left your state!

How Well Do You Know Your States?

Oh, I am laughing so hard I could cry — or something.  I teach 5th grade.  5th grade is about knowing your US geography.  No, really!  But, I’m – uh – tired.  And, – uh – it’s late.

Okay, my students can’t know about this one.  That’s for sure.  That said, it’s a pretty stupid quiz.

And, I oughta know from stupid, right?