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Another Shameless Self (sort of) Promotion

9 Nov

So, a few months ago, I bragged about my husband and his band, Metaphor, and their new CD. Well, his other band, Mind Furniture, just released their new CD, Hoop of Flame. {click} The CD consists of two musical Suites. The first is The Trial of God which was inspired by 9/11. In the suite, God is put on trial for his sins against humanity. The second is Hoop of Flame. Greg said “It’s about Existentialism,” and then there was an extremely long pause and, “It’s about coming to grips with your own mortality.” The lead singer of Mind Furniture, John Mabry, is a priest and, as he does the lyrical content, a lot of their music has religious overtones. This doesn’t always reflect the views of others in the band but John’s brand of religion is so thoughtful, respectful, and educated that one can’t really be offended. Although, this CD does get an NC-17 rating from me — I won’t be playing this one for my classroom until they release a “for radio” version! 🙂

I sang on this CD as well — the benes of being married to a musician are without number! 🙂 My part was in the Trial of God portion and we — a large chorus — formed an angry mob calling out in the court. It was really fun to do.

And, I must say, that Progressive Rock is rarely my personal cup of tea. I’ve been known to toss around derogatory terms like “mental masturbation” in regards to the kind of overly complex, self-indulgent music. That said, there is one of the songs on this CD that simply won’t leave my mind. The music and lyrics come together to create an amazing moment for me. The song is “The Defense” and it is God defending himself. He says, “I can’t pluck planes from the sky; I can only whisper.” and “I know its not much help and I don’t mean any harm but the only hands I have are at the end of your arms.” I get chills when I listen to it and it helps me to feel better about the bad things in the world.

So, suffice to say that I am very proud of Greg and his musical endeavors. He does all this while working insanely long hours and still spending huge amounts of time and energy on me and the kids. Having sat and been his “groupie” since I was a senior in high school, I love seeing his dreams come true they way they have this year! Great job, honey!