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16 Nov

I dreamed last night that I participated in NaNoWriMo this month.  I can only assume that my subconscious wanted to see if I could snap altogether since I am running on empty and stuffing way more into each day than I possibly can.  It’s insane. So, yes, it makes complete and utter sense that I would add some dream pressure to my life.  I suppose the only good thing about it was that in the dream I had about 1/2 my novel written and was raring to go.  But then, dreams should be filled with rich fantasy, right?  Crazy!

But, I am surviving — parent conferences, the pile of materials to be graded from hell, report cards.  The pile of materials is graded, the grades are all done (but not yet put onto all the report cards, I hasten to add).  I’ve done about 7 parent conferences which went pretty well.

I did have a little teacher envy yesterday.  I went to the conference for my daughter with her wonderful teacher.  Her wonderful teacher has parent conferences down to a science.  She includes the children — she was revoltingly well prepared.  She had all Ruthie’s work out ready to show us. She used part of the report card to guide the conference which really was a student-teacher conference.  Greg and I sat back and watched — me wishing I could pull out my video camera and record it all for future use!  It was amazing.

My own conferences tend to be a bit more fitting with my personality.  Somewhat disorganized. Very personal.  Lots of paper shuffling.

So, a little professional envy == not a bad thing, I suppose.  And, I’m so stealing part of her act!  🙂