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Evidently, I need some extra humor today.

20 Nov

Here’s another funny . . . [Sweet Potato].

It may be that I need additional humor in my life because of this — as told in my Twitter message of last evening —

How can my mother send her evil plumbing vibes through the phone line and cause my washing machine to back up my kitchen sink all over??????

Seriously though — a couple of hours after chatting with my mom and listening to her tales of woe about her washing machine backing up and flooding her garage, I walked into my kitchen to find it flooded.  Water all over the floor and all over the counters and down into several cupboards.  What the f******?

I couldn’t believe it.  All we can figure is that the washing machine was going and something is blocking our drain so it backed up into the sink and overflowed the sink.  Oh joy.  So, I spent much of the next hour or so shop-vac’ing up water off the floor of my kitchen.  Then, I had to take everything out of my under sink cabinet and put a space heater there to dry it out.

And, given that everything we own is dirty and I can’t use my washing machine, packing for Thanksgiving is going to be a TREAT!

But, today is the last day of school this week so that’s a good thing.



20 Nov

A Question for God

Ruby Tuesday

20 Nov

Ruby REALLY enjoyed it


It's fun when we all hang out in the backyard together

Ruby loves the new backyard set up as much as the kids. She really loved that we were all back there hanging out and talking. And, chasing her!