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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone

22 Nov

Mt Bluebird cropped

I saw this lovely bird last Thanksgiving up in the White Mountains of Nevada. We are going back to Nevada this year — to Carson City. I know I’ll see some lovely birds again. Hopefully, I’ll get some pictures of them. I don’t know if any will pose as thoughtfully as this cooperative Mountain Bluebird but I can dream. We are planning a fun weekend of activities.

We drive up to Carson City on Wednesday. My mother says she’s making homemade Beef Pot Pie for when we arrive — yum! Thursday, we’re planning a big hike off to the eastern side of the Sierras along Hwy 395. Evidently, we may be lucky and see wild burros and mustangs. Okay, I’m for that. Gage will find rocks to hound and Ruthie will find rocks to climb. It’s all good. For Thanksgiving dinner, we’re going to go to the Atlantis Casino for their buffet. Sounds delish — and certainly different! On Friday, we’re heading for Virginia City and we’ll follow up with dinner at Q’s bbq in Carson City. Saturday we may split up — send Greg, Igor, and the kids off to the Train Museum and Mom and I’ll hit the shops. Weeee! Then, after lunch, I think we’ll head off to meet up with Greg’s sister and her beaux and her mom at his cabin in Bear Valley, California. We’ll spend the night and come on back to Boulder Creek on Sunday. A full weekend to be sure. But, I think I’ll find lots of good pictures and plenty to be thankful for as we travel around our great state and into our neighboring state.