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Ruby Tuesday — Ruby, Intrepid Mountain Dog

26 Nov

Ruby's Thanksgiving TripYou really can’t imagine how much Ruby enjoyed our Thanksgiving trip. First of all, it was the first long drive she’d been on with us. The drive up to Carson City took about 5-1/2 hours. She did fantastically well. She slept on Ruthie’s pillow the entire time, didn’t steal food from the kids, did her business wherever we asked her to, and got along with my parent’s dog to boot! Greg and I have always known that we wanted to travel with kids and dogs — we just didn’t know that the dog would be a 12 lb Rat Terrier rather than a 80 lb Labrador Retriever.

We learned a lot about Ruby on this trip.  For one thing, she does not think much of equines — even Formerly Wild Mustangs.  For another thing, she absolutely loves to hike — she finds it free and fun and fast and fabulous and fantastic.  She is giddy when hiking.  She gets along with Ushki, my parents’ grumpy old corgi.  He might be grumpy because his name means “little ears” in Russian. Since his ears are patently NOT little, it’s possible that his grumpiness results from supreme irritation.  She did great with him and there was only one incident — over a pink, curly hedgehog.  And, let’s be honest, what dogs wouldn’t bicker of a pink, curly hedgehog?  I mean, come on!

Ruby thinks that we should travel and hike more often.  She liked every part of it.  She loved driving in the car.  She curled up on a lap or a pillow for the entire trip.   She was great about eating and drinking in strange places. She was great about going to the bathroom in odd parking lots along the way.  She didn’t steal the kids’ food.  She doesn’t growl and protect the car in an obnoxious fashion.  She loads up as soon as she thinks there is stuff going in the car — no chance of leaving this dog behind!  🙂

She handled the cold well. She’s got next to no coat at all.  She shivers in our house, regularly.  But, she managed just fine in 10 degrees for potty trips and hiking when it was between 30 and 50 degrees (shade vs sun).   We need to find her a nice coat for cold days — I think she’d like that alot!

She is the consummate traveling dog but she did find that being home was pretty nice too.


Without the sun

26 Nov

The sun slipped behind
Fingers pointing at the sky
Cold in the shadow

More Rock poems at One Deep Breath.
All content written by Liza Lee Miller unless otherwise noted.
© 2007, Liza Lee Miller. Creative Commons License


26 Nov

We carried them down
Picked each one with care
A rock collection

More Rock poems at One Deep Breath.
All content written by Liza Lee Miller unless otherwise noted.
© 2007, Liza Lee Miller. Creative Commons License

Thanksgiving Trip, Report 1

26 Nov

The corrected route — how we actually drove!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We left Boulder Creek around 9:40am. I consider that nothing short of miraculous considering we had a plumber at the house until 12:30pm clearing drain lines of the clog that was causing all our problems. And, we were off. We headed up and out of the Bay Area, along the Sacramento River, seeing tons of Canada geese and one show-off of a White-tailed Kite. We drove up Echo Summit (Hwy 50) and down into the Tahoe basin. Lake Tahoe was beautiful but we cruised right through heading down the backside of the Sierras into Carson City. We got there around 4pm, I think. We found my mom’s house and got settled in. It was lovely to see my mom and Igor (my step-dad). Their dog, Ushki, was happy to see us — even Ruby. The kids were thrilled to be there. It was all good!


Thursday, November 22, 2007



The day dawned cold and clear. It was 20 degrees when we got up that morning. The birds at my parent’s feeder did not seem to care much, however. They were up and at ’em. Even the dogs coming out to take care of business didn’t slow them down at all. They’d flutter to the higher branches of the trees and come right back again. My parents get a fantastic assortment of birds at their feeder. My favorites are the Chickadees — they have Mountain Chickadees. I did not get a great picture of them so I’ll point you to a better one! [click] We got turned around pretty quickly and while my Mom stayed home, the rest of us headed off on a hike. Mom likes hiking but it’s getting harder and harder for her to do with any degree of comfort. Given the way that *I* ached for the rest of the weekend, I think that was a wise move.

Wild Burros

First stop was a small ranch that is run by the local 4H. They rescue wild burros and mustangs and the 4H kids train them and find them homes. These guys are permanant residents. They were delightful — if pretty bad beggers. I guess a lot of people ignore the “don’t feed the burros and mustangs” signs. We did not feed them.

Wild Mustang

Gage likes the ranch decor

A boy and his dog

Ruby was not impressed by the gigantic wild animals. They were much too big for her and she’d just as soon be held by Greg, thank you very much!  We walked back to the trailhead and started the hike.  The children were, poor things, already exhausted.  None of us were very much impressed.

This was at the START of the hike!


Although, in retrospect, I think they had good instincts — this was a long uphill hike — about a mile and a half uphill.  You can imagine the joy of it with that grumpy-faced boy along.  It’s a little bit hard to tell on the map above but we went up and up and up.  Here’s a view looking back from partway up.  The small gray buildings in the middle of the picture are the ranch where we petted the mustang and burros.

Looking back down at the ranch

We found an old abandoned truck

 We found an old abandoned truck and the kids had a blast climbing on it and playing in it.  This is mining country and the hills are littered with old abandoned mines.  So, sights like this are fairly common.   The view from the top was well worth the walk up.  This is the view down at Carson City.

View from the top, overlooking Carson City

Of course, we had to have all sorts of Hero Photos from the tops of high rocks.  Gage is less than thrilled to be up there but he did it.  Ruth, on the other hand, totally thrilled!

Gage and Greg got pretty high too


HIking back down

On the way back down, Igor and Ruthie took a different route — cross country!  Greg, Gage, Ruby and I walked back down the trail.  Ruby was a hiking fool — she loved it.  She stayed close, didn’t protest, hiked 3 miles for our every 1 mile.  And, wasn’t even remotely tired at the end!  🙂

The cross-country hikers return

Dinner at the Atlantis Casino's buffet

Our reward at the end of the day was Thanksgiving Dinner at the Atlantis Casino buffet.  It was truly decadent.  The kids loved it — they could eat whatever they wanted and no one bugged them about it.  We told them they could have dessert first but they both got “real” food first and then dove into the desserts.  We ate snow crab and prime rib and duckling and all sorts of other great foods.  It was amazingly good — and amazingly decadent.