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Hunting for Christmas Trees

2 Dec

Our Christmas Tree

Our hunt was short this year. I’m sure that is due in part to my extreme pickiness as to the type of tree we get — I like this kind of tree where the ornaments can be showcased. I also suspect it was due to the fact that I have a wretched, drippy, nasty, coughy, miserable cold so delaying in the cold wind while I hemmed and hawed over which one had the best branches seemed rather pointless.

Cutting it down

In years past, we’ve selected bigger trees but rarely one that was prettier, I think. The kids always help Greg with the cutting but in the end,

Hero Shot

Greg is the hero who conquered the tree!

We always, always, always go to Crest Ranch in Bonny Doon, CA for our Christmas trees. It’s always a wonderful experience, even when the weather is miserable. And, we have twice now been buying our tree at the same time as Lex of Survivor fame. I know — it’s that kind of thrill that just makes Christmas special, isn’t it?