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Ruby Tuesday — A Deep and Abiding Hatred

4 Dec

New winter sweater
I won’t look at you while I am wearing this – this – this thing.

Ruby is not a dog that likes being cold very much. She really prefers to be warm and cozy, all things considered. Ruby likes to curl up in little balls. She likes to sleep on our water bed . . . under the covers. When it’s very cold, she’s been known to sneak under the lap blanket I use on the couch and cozy on in and make herself at home. She is a dog that likes to be warm and cozy.

So, I think I can be forgiven for thinking that she’d like a sweater on cold days. I know many dogs that do like them. I know a couple of dogs that will bring the sweater to their owner on cold days and ask to have it put on. I do not believe Ruby will be one of those dogs. She doesn’t much care for the sweater.

Perhaps it’s the style. It is a trifle little old mannish. But, she’s a dog of striking colors and I didn’t want to get her a pink and foofy sweater. I thought it might be beneath her dignity (and I knew it would be beneath my husband’s dignity). So, perhaps it is a little unhip for such a cool dog as Ruby.

Perhaps it’s the cut. After all, it does end right at her hips and I know that the “What Not To Wear” folks would say that accents her widest part. So, perhaps her antipathy is because it makes her ass look big or something? Hey a girl’s got to have a little vanity.


You know I hate this, right?
You know I hate this thing but you are still taking pictures of me in it. That’s not right

On the other hand, perhaps she simply needs to get used to it. She may just feel self-conscious wearing it and need to get used to it. She seemed to be okay with it when she ran out into the back looking for squirrels. Maybe time will heal this unreasonable hatred she has for the sweater. Or maybe, she just really needs something pink and foofy. Who knows. For now, we are only putting it on her for short periods of time. Poor thing.