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5 Dec

Ravens at BCE

Sometimes life just seems to be too much. I’m feeling that way tonight — not in a scary, suicidal way — in a “why can’t I sleep for a week” kind of way. Friday night last, I got nailed by my 437th cold this school year. This one is a doozy and I’m going under with it.

[Deleted: much too detailed rant about how rotten my week has been deleted out of kindness for my readers who don’t want to hear about broken cars, jury duty, incompetent subs, misbehaving students, daughters who are struggling with learning the flute and starting to wonder about puberty, staff meetings, computer programs that malfunction and lose hours of work, job requirements that are pointless because they’ll have to be duplicated again the following year, and more joys from my week thus far and unexpected blows from unexpected sources]

Bottom line. It’s been a long damn week. My cold has triggered an asthma attack and I had to start taking prednisone tonight to knock it out. I hate that damn drug even though it works. I call it “bitch pills” because it makes my worst PMS seem like a sunny smile from a happy toddler. I am mean and cranky and moody on prednisone so the rest of the week is looking to be continuingly hellish. Oh joy.
And, yet at school tonight, as the kids and I were leaving, there was a large group of ravens on the roof of one of the classrooms. We were standing level with them. I stopped and the kids froze and I reached for my camera. I carefully took the lens cap off and focused and when I did — they flew away en masse. Damn birds. I said something to that effect and my daughter said, “Talk about an unkindness of ravens!”

The unkindness reassembled on another rooftop. They were farther away but still within camera range. Look at how beautiful they are. I love these birds!

Yup. I’m tired and feeling beat up by life but I refuse to get dragged down by it all. As rough as it is, there is such beauty and I can see it and capture it with my camera and enjoy it when I see it and, best of all, share that joy with my children. So, it’s not so bad after all.


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5 Dec

Cool tree branches