It’s raining.

6 Dec

Chickadee in the rain

 I feel kind of bad enjoying the remnants of a storm that ravaged the coast above us — at least I assume that is what I’m enjoying.  It is a lovely rainstorm after a long dry summer.   We had a taste of it in October but then its been dry again.  Today, the rain fell down.  And, tonight, with the fire in the woodstove and the rain beating down on the roof, I’m enjoying the sounds of winter in Boulder Creek.

And, I promise to get the feeders filled this weekend and get up the new feeders that I bought last weekend — a peanut feeder and some peanuts and a new hummingbird feeder, too.  I’m sure my birdie friends think I’ve abandoned them but that isn’t the case, poor things.  Just one more thing to fall by the wayside in this busy, insane week.


One Response to “It’s raining.”

  1. mon@rch 7 December, 2007 at 5:48 pm #

    Love the chickadees in any kind of weather! Glad you are finding some rain!

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