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Ruby Tuesday — Needle Paws

11 Dec


In my past life as a Labrador fancier, I was used to big, slobbery dogs with oral fixations.  Everything was about their mouths.  They were lickers and couldn’t be happy unless they had a toy in their mouths.  Retrievers focus on carrying things.

Ruby, on the other hand, is a digger.  Terriers, by definition, are of the earth.  And, she’s an excellent earth dog.  She is also way more paw-oriented than I am used to.  She plays with her paws, uses them as tools, jumps up at you and paws you.  And, just for a moment, take a look at those paws — tiny, delicate, long with little needle tips on each little toelet.

She regularly scratches us in her enthusiasm to play.   Her claws are lethal, if tiny, weapons.  She’s fierce with them and playful with them.

The one really good thing is that I can clip them with regular human fingernail clippers.  They are tiny and quick and easy to clip.

And, she has just that one black toenail on her long, delicate paw.