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Ravens — You gotta Love Them

17 Dec

More in the series wherein Liza tries to take pictures of Ravens and they see her coming with her camera and laugh in her face in their raveny way.

Ravens love to sit in the tippy-top of trees. At this time of year, it makes me think of angels on the top of a Christmas tree. The raven below saw me coming with my camera and bolted. But, the laugh is on him (her?) because look at these great flying shots.


Still, why should I have to put up with their rotten ways. They regularly do this to me. Pose beautifully when I have no camera but the second I get the camera up near eye level . . . they’re gone. Rotten things!


and last, but not least, raven poop.

Raven Poop

Do I need to tell you that I thought this poop was dry so I flicked it off the railing with my fingernail and learned to my horror and dismay that it was pretty fresh. Damned ravens!

I do love them dearly but still . . .