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Storm of 2008

4 Jan

We are getting NAILED!

Here is our creek on a normal day:

Boulder Creek -- the creek

1/4/2008 – 8am:

3″ of rain at our house

00 am 4 Jan 2008


1/4/2008 – 12:45pm

about 5 inches of rain at our house

45 pm 4 Jan 2008

1/4/2008 – 3pm

about 5.5 inches of rain at our house

3 pm 1/4/2008


1/4/2008 – 5:00 pm

6.1 inches of rain at our house

30 PM 1/4/2008

The rain has stopped for the moment and as you can see, the creek has gone down rapidly.   Thank goodness.  There are nearly a million people without power in the greater Bay Area so we don’t expect our power to be turned on anytime soon.  Thank goodness for the generator.  Hopefully the high winds have stopped too.  Last night, a wind of 90 mph was recorded near here.  Yikes!  I think we heard that one — Greg and I both woke up with a ferocious wind blowing in the middle of the night.

Our community has been hit hard — lots of trees down, lots of flooding, lots of mudslides.  Scary.  We are very, very safe in this house — we just have to be prepared to be cut off if a big tree comes down on our road.

From the comments to this post, I see that people are concerned about the creek.  Our property is really safe from flooding despite being butt up to a creek.  My lot is really level and the creek is WAY below it.  My yard ends with a cliff edge down to the creek.  The deck in the pictures sits out at the back of my yard — it’s not attached to the house at all.   The creek looks like it goes under the deck but it actually curves around some HUGE boulders and goes around it.  The deck is built on the hill above those boulders.  So, it’s really secure and not subject to undermining from the creek.  Across the creek from us, the lot is much lower and if the creek did jump it’s bank, it would go that way and not towards us.  So, it’s impressive and we keep an eye on it but the creek is no danger to us.  We are way more concerned about high winds and the redwood trees.

Redwoods have a shallow root system and a big wind and wet ground can bring them down.  This usually happens on a hillside though and we are not on a hillside so we feel pretty safe.  Whew!

The next storm is hopefully not as wet and windy but is expected to be colder.  Brrr.  I guess it’s due to hit tonight or tomorrow morning.  Oh joy!


Stupid Quiz Friday

4 Jan

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

How cool! My favorite flower — and a sign that spring is on the way!

Amazing Flors

4 Jan

Nope. Not a type-o. Flor carpeting is absolutely amazing. I love it. And, what’s not to love . . .

I want this carpet in my bedroom. It’s gorgeous!