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Beginning anew — things are looking up!

5 Jan


Isn’t “anew” a beautiful word? I love the feeling of starting over that I get at New Years. In birds, you really feel that opportunity because your life list grows with new birds but you get to start your year list over again and start fresh.

The old stand-bys seems fresh and exciting — ooooo, a mallard! Look a chickadee! Wow, a hummingbird! It’s all good.

My neighborhood birds have been punishing me for getting too busy with school. I let my feeders go to pot and they stayed away in droves! (Love the oxymoronic aspects to that image.) But, I cleaned them all out about a month ago. Put out fresh food, new feeders, new offerings. They were not convinced — still staying away. I was heartbroken.

Only the hummingbirds were in a forgiving mood. They came and drank and that was good but where were my chickadees and nuthatches? Juncos? Heck, even a Steller’s Jay would be a welcome sight. But nothing. Weeks and weeks of empty feeders.

This morning though, we all started over anew. On January 1st, as a New Year gift to me, the birds returned. Chickadees and Pygmy Nuthatches visited my feeders and it was good. Happy birds.

I was absolutely giddy — I clapped my hands and danced a jig.

To reward them, I made up a batch of Zick Dough. They’ll come in tomorrow to a real treat! Forgiveness is a good thing — to give and receive! So, my bird related New Year’s Resolutions . . . .

  • Do a better job keeping my Year and Life Lists
  • Keep the feeders full and the birds happy!

Pygmy Nuthatch


Ikea Love!

5 Jan

I love this dresser. I have a very narrow space in my room and this would be great there. It would go (if not match) my wardrobe. And, I’d have actual drawers! Drawers, I tell you. Wow! How cool is that!

What else did I love at Ikea today? Well . . .

Kitchen tongs with silicone on them. Gave them for Christmas to family — rave reviews! So, I had to get one for myself!

Hoping to wean my husband off his ugly plastic tumblers.

The little things in life can make a big difference!