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Clean Up Crew

10 Jan

The Clean Up Crew hits Scotts Valley

I went shopping early the other morning and found an unkindness of ravens gathering in the Safeway parking lot. They were intense about the treat they found. A container of cream cheese — yummy!

Cream cheese nummy!

A great look at the beak of a Raven — look at the size of it. However, they aren’ t usually white in places — that’s the cream cheese, folks.

I also love the way the camera captured the iridescent quality of a Raven’s feathers by showing blue and red bits. Gorgeous, huh?

The ravens enjoyed their snack and I shot picture after picture that wasn’t focused properly due to the poor light. Sigh. Maybe I should read my camera’s manual again — now that I’m familiar with it. I seem to have hit a wall in my learning process here.