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14 Jan

Now, this is what I call a weather report!


Look at how nice that is.

Our rain guage reads 7.8 inches in the last two weeks. Really nice to see some sunshine and warm weather. Hurrah! I had to get out my sunglasses this weekend.

I hope you are enjoying a break in the weather too. Otherwise this is a really mean post!

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Monday Blog Roll Call

14 Jan

So, I think I’ll add to the blogosphere atmosphere by sharing some amazing things I’ve seen on my blogroll recently.  Or at least interesting stuff.  It might not all be amazing!  🙂

  • My sister, Jody, is an amazing craftsperson.  Everything she does with her hands is done with care and attention to detail.  When I would tend to rush through something, she slows down and does her very best.  Her work is lovely.  And, she doesn’t get nearly enough credit for it.  Look at this . . . {click}.  She’s going to teach my  Crafty Chix to make it on Saturday.  Hurrah!
  •  My amazing friend Vicki was dabbling in acting and her brilliance was seen.  Her star was born.   Whatever Vicki is up to is interesting and usually hilariously funny. She’s always worth a visit!
  • Susan was too close to comfort to a “law enforcement situation.” But, then she tends to get into situations so I, for one, wasn’t surprised!
  • My long-time Internet friend (pre-Web days!) BEG shared an amazing essay on “Scars.”
  • Etsy-Love regularly shares amazing Etsy finds but this Cuckoo clock begged to be shared with my birdy friends.
  • Wende shared a Friday Night dinner that was all too appealing to me.  A child-free dinner.  Mmmm.  Heaven!
  • Betsy, another long-time Internet friend, shares the downside of Internet fame.  It’s too funny what you can become known for!  But, you should try her Mojito recipe!
  • Trixie shared a picture in her Why Kong? post that was so poignant I got a little choked up.  But, the follow-up to it is so funny and peculiar that you must visit.
  • Design*Sponge shared a kitchen remodel that had me gleeful and despairing at once.  I just KNOW mine won’t be that good when it’s done.  Still, it’ll be better and better is good!
  • EasyEcoLiving got me all excited about these cool water bottles.  I want one for everyone in the family.  But, yikes!  The price.  Still . . . being green is good, right?
  • PostSecret shared more secrets that make me think, make me sad, make me happy, make me relieved . . .
  • Bella Dia has new baby ferrets!  Awwwww!
  • and if all that isn’t enough, i and the bird #66 is available.  One of the more creative presentations — very much appreciated by this former student of English literature!

Please rest assured that if your offerings didn’t make my list, it does not indicate in any way how I felt about your blog posts of late.  Rather, I simply wanted to show the diverse range of posts I spend my time reading.  Enjoy . . . and maybe share some gems from your own blog roll.

Oh, as a brief tech note, I could never keep up with all my blog reading without Google Reader.  I particularly like the “Next” and “Subscribe” buttons which allow me to read the blog posts on their actual pages — rather than via the reader itself but helps my reading to be quicker than just clicking down my blogroll each day.  I only see the new posts that someone puts up rather than checking in vain for the same old posts.  I love it!  Efficiency in a button!