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Tangerine Dream

17 Jan

yummy tangerine yarn

Look at that yummy yarn.  I had in mind to sit and make a cowl.

A what?

A cowl. {click*}  It’s sort of like a scarf for lazy, uncoordinated people.   Back in my skiing days, we called them neck warmers only cowls are bigger, softer, looser.  In their most extreme state, they can become a hood.  In their more modest state, they are like a turtle neck without the sweater attached.    Do I need to tell you that I’m planning a more modest one?  Modest albeit tangerine.

I’ve had this yarn for ages.  It’s in the original ball — just the way I bought it.  I don’t have the label anymore which makes it a bit tricky to work with but hey I’m the kind of knitter who wings it anyway.   But, anyway, I start knitting and get two rows done and a huge knot.  Gigantic, huge knot.  Great.

So, I stop knitting, tear it all out, and untangle the ball of yarn.  It took me about 5 hours.  Yea, I could have knitted 1-1/2 cowls in that amount of time but I have barely started the blinking thing.  Garumph!

Hopefully, I’ll have something cool to show you in a day or two.  I thought about taking a picture of the yarn mid-de-tangle but detangling is a very zen thing and I couldn’t stop and walk away to get the camera and take pictures and then come back to it.  Instead, I watched A Daily Show and The Colbert Report and Demtrios Martin.  Person.  Very funny.  Laughing while doing a mundane task makes it go faster.  Someone should turn that into a witty saying and embroider it on a pillow.


* Did you click on the link?  I linked to my search at Flickr for “cowl” — the results are pretty funny.  Mostly, you have what I was searching for but you even get some birds and then just some odd stuff.  I love serendipity.  How gorgeous is that Red-Cowled Cardinal — wow!