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29 Jan

You know I hate this, right?

Love and hate
One or the other
When you fit, I love you
When you don’t, hate is too mild a word
Today, I hate you
Clothing from Hell

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Ruby Tuesday

29 Jan

My sweet girl!

Ruby is a beauty. You can click on that picture and see the amazing patterns in her coat. It’s lovely. You can also look close at a new flaw . . . Ruby has discovered a hard learned truth. BBQs are hot. Very hot. They can burn you.

My old dog Rosie had exactly the same mark on her nose.  (Wasn’t Rosie a beauty?  Sigh.  I should do a post on my labs someday.  I miss that old girl!)

Rosie Recovering

It’s a little harder to see, but it’s there.  That’s why I’m so sure what happened to Ruby.  When Greg was bbqing steaks on his new grill a week ago or so, Ruby decided it smelled too good to ignore.  And, she sniffed at it and burned her nose.

The pigment will never come back.  She’ll always have that pinkish spot on her nose.  Sigh.  If I were a dog showing person still, I’d use a black sharpie on it to make it look black for the dog show ring again.  As it is, I’ll just sigh when I see it.  Poor Ruby’s nose.