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Ruby Tuesday — A Bad Habit!

12 Feb

Beautiful girl

Ruby has learned to enjoy the freedom that a doggy door offers. Instant access whenever she wants. We have also started letting her sleep loose in the house — rather than in her crate at night. She seems to be over her peeing in the house stage (thank goodness!) and has learned manners about w

Ruby's new doggy door

The doggy door, however, has led to a new bad habit.  Not every night but many nights, Ruby decides there is something in the backyard that is bad.  The decision seems to occur around 4am on most nights.  Ruby tears through the house at 4am and runs out into the backyard and proceeds to bark her fool head off at whatever it is that is out there.

The problems with this are many.  First and foremost, we have neighbors.  I imagine – as I haven’t asked them outright — that they don’t appreciate her vigilance much at 4am.  Secondly, whatever it is that she’s barking at is either a skunk or bigger and meaner than she is.  There are no 4am squirrels out there.  Skunks are not something I care to deal with at 4am so that’s not a good thing.  Racoons or coyotes could easily have Ruby for dinner.  Oh joy!

And, then I think about those owls that I sometimes hear in our woods.  I’ve heard Great Horned Owls.  I’m guessing that they could catch Ruby without too much trouble.

So, 4am finds me, leaping out of bed, running to the backdoor, flinging it open and whisper-yelling, “Get in here you barker-dog!”  And, putting her in her crate for the rest of the night.

Oh, that Ruby, she’s a bad little doggers which is why we love her so much.