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Happy Valentine’s Day Bird Lovers!

14 Feb

Raven Courtship

Yes, I’m wearing my t-shirt today! It’s gorgeous weather here this week – 72 degrees! I’m glad I got a short sleeved shirt!

The ravens are definitely feeling the romantic vibes in the warm spring-like air around here and are showing signs of love. Here is my valentine for all of you. A video of noisy ravens! Enjoy!

There are three ravens making noises — two on the ground and one in a tree nearby.  This is something I see often in our ravens.  When some are on the ground looking for food, one will be keeping watch from the tall trees nearby.  The one in the tree started all the noise when I walked too close.  Eventually, they took off because I was, in fact, too close for comfort.    Given the way my ravens normally react when they see my camera, I was amazed to get as close as I did.  🙂