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Ruby Tuesday — You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

26 Feb

I remember when we first got Ruby — right around a year ago. She was very skittish and shy. She was unsure of us — particularly the kids. Every 7 year old boy noise was a source of terror for her. Every quick loving 9 year old girl movement was potential harm.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Ruby had never been mistreated in any way. It really bugs me when people who don’t know a dog’s history swear they know it’s been mistreated because it flinches away from a quick hand. Let me swing a hand quickly in your face — did you flinch? Yup, I thought so. Sure sign of abuse.

Anyway, Ruby hadn’t been abused by any stretch of the imagination. Her home was loving and nurturing and wonderful. She was a well-loved puppy but she hadn’t lived with noisy, active, quick children before and — trust me on this one — that can be unsettling!

Ruby didn’t care for strangers — be it the UPS guy wielding dog cookies or the neighbor’s son who practically lives here on the weekends. She warmed up quickly to my mother-in-law but then again, who wouldn’t. She’s a saint and loves Ruby back. But, everyone else was met with timidity.

No more. I doubt she’ll ever act like a Labrador (and thank heavens for it as we didn’t want another Labrador). She greets people with more manners than enthusiasm. But, she greets people now and if they want to pet her, she’ll let them. She met Robbie this weekend and she took to him right away. Sure, you can pet me, Robbie. No problem!

Ruby meet Robbie

There’s my brave girl!  Now, she’s hardly thrown by anything.  She runs and jumps and plays with the kids.  She comes right out to greet the pizza guy.  She happily takes a dog treat from the UPS guy.

I wasn’t kidding last week though about how she feels about home improvement.  Greg was doing some cabinetry and using his nail gun which is powered by an air compressor (everyone do the Tool Time grunt now).  Ruby was hiding under my chair.  I’m working on the computer with a soft quilt on my lap and she’s hiding under my chair.  Mama will keep you safe from the bad noise, Ruby.  Never worry about that!