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My House Mondays

10 Mar

Monday seems a good time to update you all on the kitchen progress. I know you all wait with baited breath to hear the latest so, take that deep breath and read on, McDuff . . .

Ruby wants to know when the ugly flooring is going

Yes, Ruby, I know the ugly floor is still there but let’s focus on the progress we DID make, shall we?

Finished paint

The painting is done — except for touchups and . . . well, we’ll get to that later! Focusing on what got done. Even though I used lots of blue tape to protect the walls and edges, I still ended up with bleed through. So, I’ll be running around with art paint brushes doing touch up. No worries.

Cabinet innerds

Greg spent his days putting in cabinet innerds. Baskets, and drawers, and lazy susans, oh my!

my beautiful new drawers

Lazy Susan

Good News!

Tile is better than I hoped!

Our gorgeous lavender tile is even more beautiful than I thought. The pictures we ordered from did not show that it had delicate hints of color — green leaves and lavender flowers. Here’s the coolest part — I had looked at it and wished that it did. I’d even wondered if there was any way I could add color. Fondest dreams came true! Yippee!

Love the way the bread board looks

I love the way the refinished bread board looks against the new paint color. I know the picture doesn’t do it justice but when I cropped it in close, it looked ridiculous. But, I really like how nicely this turned out! I need to oil it now and then it will be spectacular!

Bad News!

Heartbreak of Home Improvement

So, here’s the bad news. When I pulled the blue tape off, it took off chunks of paint. Now, I will say — not at all defensively, mind you! — that it wasn’t MY painting or prepwork that were the problem here. The people who painted the walls white didn’t prep the walls properly (or at all, as best I can tell). My paint stuck beautifully to the white paint — the tape took it off to the original aqua paint (can you imagine all these walls aqua? shudder!). My paint stuck beautifully to the white paint but the white paint did not adhere to the original walls. So, now Greg will have to sand those spots down and I’ll have to repaint the whole blinking wall. I wanted to weep.

And, again with the defensive tone, Look at that crisp white/yellow line on the wall. I offer that up as proof that I do, in fact, know how to use blue tape correctly. Sigh. Ten steps forward . . . two steps back.

PS. Somehow, I managed to do two posts for one day so, don’t miss the other one.  🙂


What a night!

10 Mar

My best friend and I live in the same county but we never get together. It’s absurd. We are both successful and good parents who important, time- and energy-consuming jobs and we don’t make much time for ourselves. Still and all, we got together last night. An awesome dinner, a bottle of really good local Syrah, and then we went to see Juno.

Run — don’t walk — to see this movie. Of course, I’m probably the last person on the planet (other than my husband) to see it but still, go see it again. I loved it. I looooooooooved it. It was a 3 coats of mascara movie. I wept like a baby er more like a mother!

But most important of all, we remade some connections — strengthened some ties — talked and shared our lives. It was good! Really good!


In other news, my life is feeling fractured lately. And, I’m seriously thinking about undoing something that I did last year. Last year, I separated my bloggin self into several different blogs which I felt was a better representation of my convoluted life. Well, be that as it may, I think the time has come to recognize that while I may be a fractured and confused person, I need to work on integrating and honor all those parts of myself. So, I’m going to re-integrate some of those parts of myself. Look for poetry and remodeling to come back to the fold here at Egret’s Nest. And, hey, fair warning, if I want to talk about my intense love for playing ToonTown . . . I’m gonna do that. There will still be photographs and ravens and chickadees and the rest but there will be other stuff, too.

Oh, and Ruby Tuesday, of course, is here to stay.


It seems I can’t post without including a picture. So, here is how my daughter and husband entertained themselves while I was out last night. They played with PhotoBooth on Greg’s iBook. This is Chocolate Dog. Chocolate Dog has been my daughter’s constant companion since she was 6 months old. Santa put Chocolate Dog in her stocking and they have been fast friends ever since. Chocolate Dog is an adventerous dog who likes to explore. So far, the longest Chocolate Dog has gone exploring was several months! Those were some rough months, I’ll tell ya. We regularly go on red alert, drop everything, and search for Chocolate Dog. I put these in my “she’ll stop doing it before she goes to college” category. I’m right, aren’t I? Aren’t I? Please tell me I’m right!

Chocolate Dog Squeeze

PS. Somehow, I needed to have two posts today. Don’t miss the other one! 🙂