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It’s just me . . .

13 Mar
I am so laughing at myself. I have been a journaler all my adult life — and by adult, I mean since I was in like 7th grade or so. (I thought I was an adult or should have been — I’m trying to remember to be kinder to my own daughter when she reaches that age then my parents were to me — but I also know it will be hard not to a little unkind and laugh as she asserts her adult rights when she’s barely into double-digits.) As a journaler, I have regularly gotten the perfect journal, written in it religiously, and then, at some point, decided it wasn’t right anymore. It didn’t suit me. It didn’t meet my needs. It didn’t match my unique and oh-so-complicated personality.I guess some things never change.I am fighting the urge to toss it all overboard and start over again. For years that is what I did. I couldn’t bear to keep my old journals and re-read them.

Oh, God, how could I have ever been that young? Was it only two months ago that I thought those stupid, shallow thoughts? Oh spare me from my younger self!

So, while I have merged certain of my blogs (I kept the blog about the motorhome and the teaching blog and the blog about Crafty Chix all separate.), I am fighting the urge to toss it all and start from scratch. I have thought of setting up my own domain and blogging from there. I have thought of switching services (although that was fleeting — I really do love WordPress*). I have thought of just dumping egrets nest altogether and starting over with a “it’s just me” blog.I’m going to try to leave things as they are and hold on until the urge to purge passes. If it’s lingering too long, I’ll try to direct it towards the nightmare that is my linen closet or even better . . . my hall closet. Can you hear the scary music rising as the heroine walks backwards towards the steps that will surely lead to her doom?Stay posted people. Will there be subtle change or will she snap and go overboard and die her metaphorical hair bright red and change her name to Dakota? Only time will tell!

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* I love WordPress if only for the feature so that I can link random words in my posts to things that have no meaning to what I’m posting about. How could I resist including that “The Dakota” building above? It’s massively cool. So, there ya go. One decision made. WordPress stays my number one.

** Clearly, I am not the only one thinking such Deep Thoughts.  Here is an article written on the topic with some interesting points to consider.