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Fun Rock Meme from up North

24 Mar

Thanks, Clare!

1) What is the first rock concert you ever went to?

I went and saw Heart with John Cougar (before he was John Cougar Mellancamp much less John Mellancamp).  Greg had been to many concerts and really couldn’t believe that I’d never been to one.  It was amazing.  I’m pretty sure I wore sunglasses with heart-shaped lenses to the concert.  It was in 1982, I believe.  Summer between high school and college.
2) What is the best rock concert you’ve seen?

Indigo Girls playing in Santa Cruz.  Big lawn area, blankets all spread out.  We got their late and found friends who had gotten their early and had a good spot.  We danced and sang and rocked out — so awesome!
3) Tag you’re it.

I’m going to anyone who wants to try.