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Noisiest Campground Ever

26 Mar

Oh, it’s not the people, don’t get me wrong.  And, prepare yourself, oh my devoted readers, for a good long laugh.  The noisy neighbors?  Corvids.  Crows to be specific.  There is a flock of them who live here in the campground and starting about 5:30am, they set up a huge racket.  I watched them fly in to roost last night and there were abou 50 of them.  Thankfully, we aren’t that close to them but I can’t sleep when they start up.  Crazy birds!

Out the otherside of the FMC,  I can hear something singing sweetly — it’s lovely especially when juxtaposed against the raucous racket of the Crows.

Trip Update: We arrived in good shape despite some issues with fan belts on the FMC. Legoland was yesterday. Today, Seaworld.   Great trip!

(I’m “ant blogging” so don’t expect these dates and times to match up!)