Ruby Tuesday

1 Apr

My girl!

Ruby did not come on this camping trip with us.  If we are just going and hanging out at the campground, then Ruby can come along and have a grand time with us.  But, when we are gone on this kind of a trip where we are away at amusement parks for most of the trip, well, then taking Ruby would be unkind, to say the least.  So, Ruby got to go to Gramma’s house for the duration.

Gramma loves dogs and adores Ruby.  Ruby has her own waterbowl — that Gramma made at a paint your own pottery place — at Gramma’s house.  Gramma saves special tidbits of cheese throughout the week so that when she sees Ruby on Sunday nights, she can give them to her.  Ruby is a spoiled rotten dog at Gramma’s house.  Add to it, my sister-in-law and her sons who also work hard to spoil Ruby and, well, you’ve got a pretty cushy set-up for a dog.

To be honest, we were worried that Ruby wouldn’t want to come home.

Thankfully, she did.  She was so happy to see us all.   Jumping and licking and just pressing her body against us.   We had missed her a lot.  Her presence is so huge for such a small dog.  All of us mentioned it on the trip — I miss Ruby!  I can’t wait to see Ruby.  In fact, when we decided not to stop on our way home and get her — but wait until the next day when we went over for dinner, well, I thought there would be a mini riot on our hands.  Ruth was most displeased.  And at 9-3/4, her displeasure is becoming something to be reckoned with!  🙂

Ruby was glad to see us and glad to be home.  The squirrels had gotten brave in her absence and she was pretty busy yesterday letting them know that she was back, thank you very much.

And you know, she’s been getting a few extra tidbits from us, too.


4 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday”

  1. jodyss 1 April, 2008 at 8:49 am #

    Awwww…Ruby! (My favorite little lady dog.) Will she be joining us for CC in April?

  2. Wende 1 April, 2008 at 3:35 pm #

    Such a sweet dog, your Ruby. I’m overly found of terriers!

    We don’t have family to leave Sophie with, so she ends up at the kennel. The first time we left her, I obsessed all weekend. I was convinced she would hate it.

    Uh, no.

    As it turns out, she adores going to the “Doggie Spa.” It’s ridiculous how happy she is there. 😀

  3. mon@rch 1 April, 2008 at 3:45 pm #

    Dogs are great camping but I agree that sometimes it just isn’t fair to them to be cooped up in the camper all day while you are at the amusement park!

  4. KGMom 2 April, 2008 at 5:20 am #

    Ruby has the most special face–just looks at you (camera) directly. How NOT to miss such a dog.
    Spoiled at gramma’s? When our son brings his dog here, she gets spoiled–along with our dog. At our son’s house, she doesn’t get table scraps–well, grandma doesn’t have that rule!
    Glad you had a good trip.

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