Wordless Wednesday — Promoting 10,000 Birds Edition

2 Apr

Ravens Flying High

Remember 10,000 Birds is running a contest about Flying Birds! The prize is a book called The Life of the Skies: Birding at the End of Nature by Jonathan Rosen. To win a copy, you can either promote the contest on your site and/or submit a picture of a flying bird. I figure submitting a picture of a bunch of birds flying is even better. But, if Mike, Corey, and Charlie don’t like this one what about these:

Great Egret

Cedar Waxwing and American Robin

American Robin
American Robin

Winter Hummer Fix

Anna’s Hummingbird

Crows on the rooftop
American Crows

Common Raven

Pelagic Cormorant

Raven soaring
Common Raven

When the gulls and crows team up
American Crows and Seagulls

Cliff Swallows

Goldfinch winging its way to the water
Lesser Goldfinch

The Raven leaves
Common Raven

or finally, any of the pictures of Common Ravens flying together in this set!

And the funny thing was when I saw the contest, I thought, “Drat! I can never get good pictures of birds in flight!” 😀


Update: Here is the post of the entered flight pictures over at 10,000 Birds.


One Response to “Wordless Wednesday — Promoting 10,000 Birds Edition”

  1. robin andrea 2 April, 2008 at 7:20 am #

    Wow, Liza! Fantastic flight pics.

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