San Diego Theme Parks — LegoLand Report

5 Apr

San Diego is a land of Sun and Fun but it also has some great attractions. Because we towed my car behind the motorhome, we just unhitched it and then we had a central homebase in San Diego that let us day trip to Legoland, SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo, and the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Wow! What an itinerary!

We started with LegoLand. We are a Lego family. Greg saved all his Lego from when he was a kid and gave it all to Ruth and Gage. It’s wonderful. They play with it a lot! So, LegoLand was a big deal for us. Plus, Gage loves Star Wars and the Lego Star Wars game for the DS, in particular. His big treat for this trip was to buy a BIG set at LegoLand. He’s been excited for MONTHS about it!

LegoLand is a park designed for younger visitors — so we are really glad we did it when we did. Gage was big enough to do everything at the park that he wanted to do and small enough to totally enjoy it all. Ruthie gets into the moment enough to enjoy almost anything she’s doing so yay. As for me, I thought if I had one more inattentive mom ram me with her double-wide stroller, I’d scream. And there were several times that as we left a bathroom or a restaurant, I turned to my wide-eyed kids and assured them that I’d never talked to them that way when they were two. Of course, I didn’t take them to theme parks at age 2 either. Just my preference! 🙂


LegoLand has a “mini world” section. Here is Ruthie overlooking the streets of San Francisco. It was pretty cool! We saw an employee walking around keeping it working well and gluing on missing pieces. Gage thought he had the coolest job in the world.


About the time we were all getting hot, cranky, and tired, we got to the water area. We hadn’t known there was a water area at LegoLand so we did not dress for it. Clearly, that slowed my eager darlings down not at all! I don’t have any water shots of Ruthie however — because she didn’t stop moving long enough to capture her. I bought them towels ($30 a piece!!!) but told them that in San Diego, we would just let the shirts drip dry! 🙂 They did — although, the ocean breeze started coming in just about the time we were done with the water attraction. Oh well.


There is one store at LegoLand that is attached to their Factory Tour. We were still tired and thought the factory tour would be a good place to relax a little. It wasn’t crowded and seeing how they make the Lego was cool. The store attached to the factory is amazing. They have all kinds of bins of Lego that you can buy by the piece — it’s like those bulk food displays at the grocery store. Ooooh, I’ll fill a bag with some chocolate covered almonds and some mixed nuts and some japanese mix, etc. You walked around with a bag and filled them. Then, you paid by the pound. I won’t tell you how much we spent. As I said, Greg is a lifetime Lego lover. As we were checking out, we chatted with the checker and her manager about Greg’s devotion. The manager — a woman named Renate — said, “Oh, you have to come with me.” She took us into the back of the factory tour and showed us the machines that make the Lego up close and personal. She let the kids — and Greg — pick two pieces of red Lego blocks off the machine — untouched by human hands except their own. Very cool. She also gave us some of the commemorative blocks that they had big signs up saying were unavailable. She showed the kids how the Lego is made, the plastic that is melted to make it, and gave us a sample of the pre-Lego stuff. Very, very cool. She made our visit to LegoLand extra special. (So, I blogged about it and wrote a letter to customer service at LegoLand!)


Before we left the park, we took the kids to the driving attraction at LegoLand. They got to drive these cars — they aren’t on a track or controlled in anyway so they had to use “gas” and brake pedals. This was just after they got started — look at the intensity on Ruth’s face as she concentrates on her pedals. Do I need to tell you that she smashed into him a moment later?

The best part of this ride is that at the end, they could get their pictures taken for “Drivers License”s. We sprang for the additional $5. They loved it. They wore them around the park and then put them in safe places. The other night, we were coming home and I said how I wished I didn’t have to drive — I was so tired. Gage said, “If I’d brought my license, I could drive.” I *think* he knows it’s not real but . . .


The park is also full of amazing Lego statues. This is part of a triceratops — I love the detail. We all got new shades for the trip — Ruthie found ones that fit over her regular glasses but aren’t snap-ons. Very cool.


Here are my boys building the big set that Gage got. We were going to wait until we got home. After two days of looking at it, Gage asked how long it would be until we were home. We told him and he very seriously said, “I don’t think I can wait that long.” Seems that Greg could either. So, it got built on the trip. We only lost one piece of Lego in the motorhome and Gage found it again the other day! Hurrah!

My Review:  LegoLand was a great place to visit.  I recommend it for kids 5-8+ (depending on the kid).  Ruthie is nearly 10 and had a great time but I think it took some effort on her part.  🙂  Food at LegoLand was okay — pricey and blah.  We brought some snacks — Tiger’s Milk Bars to keep us moving without buying junk food.  We learned we needed bottled water in my bag, too.  We used tons of sunblock and still got burned a little bit.  Bring towels and bathing suits for the kids — the water park is a blast — particularly on a hot day.  LegoLand is quite a ways north of San Diego but worth the drive for the right family.  If you are Lego loving adults, it would be worth a visit — if you steer clear of the kiddiest attractions.  I know Greg thought the bult Lego store was worth the price of admission!


4 Responses to “San Diego Theme Parks — LegoLand Report”

  1. Pam 5 April, 2008 at 9:54 am #

    OMG this is so cool Liza!! I didn’t know about Legoland. I love legos, too, even though I never had my own personal set. It looks like such a fun time and great you got your own tour! Woo Hoo!

  2. KGMom 5 April, 2008 at 10:34 am #

    Nothing like everyone getting to be a kid. It sounds like a WONDERFUL vacation–memories for years to come.

  3. mon@rch 5 April, 2008 at 11:18 am #

    I remember as a kid loving legos but lego land . . . a childs dream!

  4. Wende 5 April, 2008 at 5:13 pm #

    Yeah, I wish we’d done Legoland while BW was younger. I’m afraid he’s moved on to thrill rides. But it looks amazing.

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