San Diego — A quieter day

11 Apr

Thursday in San Diego, we had made no plans. We knew we could fill the day with activity. San Diego is a big town and we had only hit the highlights. We knew that there was an aircraft carrier at the harbor so we stopped there first. And, there it was — Mr. All-World-War-II-All-The-Time was in his element. Gage was pretty excited too — despite the picture below. Not sure what was going on there — perhaps a torn between two decisions moment. We decided to split up — Greg and Gage would go tour the Midway and Ruthie and I would walk back to the car and wait for them. (I think we got the better end of that deal!)


So, we walked back — enjoying the sun and the cool bay breezes. It was lovely. We came back and parked in the Midway Museum parking lot which is on a big pier that goes out into the bay the length of the Midway . . . a long way! I parked at the end of it and Ruthie spent the next half hour giving me a series of small heart attacks as the jumped and leaped and danced along the edge in the way that only a 4th grade girl can do — while laughing at my concerns. My concerns were that we were on a freakin’ huge pier and she was “not being careful” near the edge. I’ve always had the ability to see the danger and panic about it — quietly panic but still panic. She finally got bored of watching my pulse race into the danger zone and went back to the car to eat potato chips.


The boys called us. You can just sort of see Greg on the deck to the right of the superstructure (hey, we’ve been married nearly 20 years — some of the WWII stuff rubs off on a girl!). I took this shot and then I zoomed in. (Have I mentioned lately that I love my camera?)


Gage still doesn’t look like a kid having a good time but he raved about it when they got back. He got to sit in a jet. He evidently went onto the Bridge of the Midway and started flipping switches. Greg told him that he’d started up the engines. 🙂 Total guy time.


When we got back, we took naps. Well, Greg napped and I sat outside in the sunshine, fuming about our rude neighbors with 47 children who let said children run rampant through our campsite with their bikes and toys. They were the kind of kids who are polite in front of adults but when their parents aren’t around, say ugly things to each other. I guess I get enough of that with my students at school, thank you. I don’t need it on vacation as well. Punks. (This grumpy teacher moment brought to you by The End of Spring Break! We return you now to your regularly scheduled programming!) After naps, Gage and Greg brought out the big old Lego Star Wars kit and got started on it. We had to be very organized and keep all the little pieces together. We started it outside on the picnic table but had to move in when it got cold. Then we still weren’t done by like 10pm so we had to stop and pack it all up carefully so that we didn’t lose anything or mix things ups. I love the happy look on my boys’ faces. They love this Lego stuff!


As for me, well, the highlight of this day was the feisty seagulls that Ruthie and I watched while the boys were on the Midway. This one looks calm enough but he’s got a glint — they all had glints. Someone further down the pier was throwing bread into the water. I saw one seagull chase another off and as it left, the bird grabbed a mouthful (beakfull) of tail feathers and held on tight. The one flying nearly lifted it out of the water before it let go — I was glad to see that the tail feather didn’t let go first. Nasty tempered birds.

Now, why does that sound familiar?


One Response to “San Diego — A quieter day”

  1. jayne 12 April, 2008 at 2:49 am #

    How great that they got to have “guy time” on the carrier. I’m with you… relax in the car and enjoy the view…lol! Feisty gulls!

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